Dutch Mob

All out madness from the speakers to the stage

Dutch Mob’ are comprised of two of Bristol’s finest rappers Res One of Split Prophets and Mistafire of Sé Fire. Having recorded in Bristol UK and Bronx NY, Dutch Mob are currently finishing their debut the ‘Passport EP' which will released independently on 28/4/17.

Having come from the two of Bristol’s most respected crews Split Prophets and Sé Fire, they have combined their understanding of the art to create all out madness from the speakers to the stage.

The vibe is set with heavyweight sounds from the likes of Ill-informed, Bad Habitz and Don Piper - underpinned by juxtapose rap styles and an undeniable swagger with collaborations recorded from UK and US artists such as JMan, Datkid, Life Long and K Gaines and more TBC the scene is set for this to be a good year for the crew. Dutch Mob have had 5 videos collectively gaining 100K views in over 7months, a host of performances on radio in the US/UK and a debut live show in Harlem NY, they are now taking bookings for the 2017.




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